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With cat food traditionally containing grains as a major part of the list of ingredients, it is refreshing to know that EVO Pet Products has zeroed in on what cats needs and is making that product available to cat owners everywhere.

The fact of the matter is that cats are obligate (true) carnivores. What this means is that in the wild, cats would eat nothing other than meat. The introduction of grains to cat food has been a cost-cutting maneuver that cat food companies have been doing for decades. [keep reading]

Innova EVO Cat Food is the Solution!

EVO’s cat food line recognizes the true needs of cats and their product contains only meat. The grain aspect of cat food has been removed, thereby guaranteeing a healthier pet. The hard to digest starches and carbohydrates are no longer an issue. Not only does this help the cat to remain healthy, but it sidesteps a lot of potential allergies that cats develop as a result of having their natural dietary needs tampered with. The all-meat product contains the protein that a cat needs in order to stay strong and sturdy. Furthermore, both taurine, lysine and omega 3 fish oil are can all be found in the EVO cat food line.

Another key aspect to the EVO cat food line is the fact that cats like the taste. It is meat infused with nutrients that cats need. Because of the healthy aspects of EVO’s cat food line, it is easily digested and actually cuts down on waste. Animal feeding tests using the Association of American feed Control Officials have determined that EVO cat foods meet or exceed balanced nutrition for all life stages. AAFCO has also determined that EVO’s Weight Management Dry Cat Food provides complete balanced nutrition for adult cat maintenance as well.